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Darklands – Jesus & Mary Chain [#338]

on June 22, 2015

DarklandsThis album is like that pair of socks you have in your drawer that you’re not entirely sure if they belong to you but you’ll wear them anyway.

Although appearing on the Music Project before, JaMC are not my usual listen. They’re a little bit too shoegazery and Scottish for my tastes. Indeed, previous JaMC albums found in my collection ended up in the good old recycle bin. I really can’t explain their inclusion in my music collection other than perhaps it’s because former Dead Can Dance drummer James Pinker plays drums with them occasionally.

Darklands is possibly the most attractive of the three albums we’ve heard already so will probably not join it’s albumic brothers on the digital landfill. In hindsight I can hear how they influenced bands such as Half Man Half Biscuit and you half expect Roddy Frame to make an appearance anytime soon too.



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