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Dynasty – Kiss [#404]

on September 18, 2015

Dynasty_(album)_coverI’m still convinced that Kiss are the biggest and longest comedy act going.

Any day now Gene Simmons will announce that the whole band has been a highly orchestrated well scripted piss take that kind of got out of hand.

Dynasty is Kiss’ seventh studio and first break-up album in that the band started to flake apart like a giant comedy cream horn. Peter Criss had been in a car accident and replaced on tour with Eric Carr and eighteen months after the albums release, Frehley would leave the band.

The album also marks a significant stylistic change in the bands output as songs take a distinctive pop and disco flavour. However, even the stylistic change doesn’t rescue the Kiss flavour for me. There are a few songs I like and I’m fond of some of their cheesier lyrics but I don’t think I could listen to the whole album regularly.


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