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Dynasty – Kiss [#404]

Dynasty_(album)_coverI’m still convinced that Kiss are the biggest and longest comedy act going.

Any day now Gene Simmons will announce that the whole band has been a highly orchestrated well scripted piss take that kind of got out of hand.

Dynasty is Kiss’ seventh studio and first break-up album in that the band started to flake apart like a giant comedy cream horn. Peter Criss had been in a car accident and replaced on tour with Eric Carr and eighteen months after the albums release, Frehley would leave the band.

The album also marks a significant stylistic change in the bands output as songs take a distinctive pop and disco flavour. However, even the stylistic change doesn’t rescue the Kiss flavour for me. There are a few songs I like and I’m fond of some of their cheesier lyrics but I don’t think I could listen to the whole album regularly.

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Dressed to Kill – Kiss [#397]

imgresKiss are a comedy parody band right?

Gene Simmons et al glam and rock their way through 30 minutes of cheesy sleazy lyrics with no apologies to any of the listeners.

Not my cup of tea but my friend Jim swore I’d get used to it. Curiously though, he said exactly the same about The Darkness and Athlete. He was right about them so I’ll persevere…

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Destroyer – Kiss [#367]

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 19.15.31 Good old Jim will probably frown at this but I find Kiss’ Destroyer a little kitsch for my tastes.

I’ve known about Kiss since I was young enough to fall over a concrete post underneath the school hall upon which the words “Kiss” and “Rush” were written in permanent marker. People who say graffiti doesn’t affect anyone should pay note to the fact that even at the grand old age of 42 I still clearly remember that concrete post and the graffiti on it. I also remember the Ajax bottle sized crapily drawn cock on the side of the neighbouring concrete post.

Perhaps that comically drawn phallus was a foreshadowing for the lyrics on this album. Yes, I can see the appeal for Kiss and their glam rock sentiments but in a post-1970s world I find it difficult to identify any lasting sentiment for the band other than a squiggle on the side of a post and Jim’s own lasting sentiment for the band.

Perhaps he can illuminate in comments….


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