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Essence of the Deep Forest – Deep Forest [#431]

Essence of the deep forestThis week, it seems, we will mostly be listening to French and Belgian artists.

Today, Deep Forest. Essence, is essentially Deep Forest’s Best of album, though arguably they really only have a couple of songs that they remix continuously. Never the less, Deep Forest remain a firm favourite of the music project. I’m kind of interested to hear what Steelrattus has to say about the band as I know he is a fan.

Anyway, take Enigma to the rain forest, add some indigenous tribal chants and add a sprinkle of wholesome “I’ve seen the world and its colourful diversity” world  traveller and you have, in essence, Deep Forest. Indeed, you probably have the best of. Which, in essence is, Essence. But I’ve already said that. Kind of like how Deep Forest, Enigma and Era take the same theme and remix it over and over again. Remixing works in music I suppose, but not in prose. Which in essence, is Essence of the Deep Forest.


Deep Forest – Deep Forest [#354]

DeepForestDeepForestMore tribal influenced music from the anthropological answer to Enigma, Deep Forest.

Perfect seduction music if you’ve got a green living room, giant potted cheese plants and a fetish for prancing about your living room in loin cloths while reliving Ibizan hauntology.

Curly kale.


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Comparsa – Deep Forest [#295]

Comparsa - Deep Forest When I came across Deep Forest’s Music Detected I fell in love with their sound. So guess what I did?

If you guessed that I went and downloaded everything I could produced by the band, you’d be correct.

This music project should be a lesson to those that follow that path. Downloading albums purely because you like one album or because you like one song, is not a good idea. Comparsa is a result of such an instance.

It contains some ok tunes but not on the same level as Music Detected and it contains some remixes of songs that would eventually develop popularity due to their over use in online videos. It’s still clearly early days for Deep Forest on this album.



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