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Farscape – Klaus Schultz & Lisa Gerrard [#461]

Unknown-2Klaus and Lisa’s first get together.

As I go through my music collection I still find it remarkable how there is a lot of cross over, coincidence and collaboration amongst the artists therein.

Farscape is over two hours of Klaus’ sustained chord changes backed by Lisa’s improvised wailing which is fun if you’re a severe Dead Can Dance fan or you like a bit of wailing with your electronica.

Trufax: I downloaded this in error because I thought I was getting the Farscape soundtrack. Durr.

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Dziekuje Bardzo – Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard [#405]

Dziekuje_BardzoIf you’re a regular reader, you might remember when Klaus first appeared on the music project with Peter Namlook in Dark Side of the Mooand how disappointing that album turned out to be. We now meet Klaus working with former Dead Can Dance stalwart Lisa Gerrard in what turns out to be their third collaboration.

Listening to Dziekuje Bardzo is sometimes like listening to a futuristic Dead Can Dance without Brendan Perry, a bit like listening to Lisa Gerrard’s solo work without Klaus Schulze (Does that make sense?) and sometimes like listening to some god awful German electronic bollocks created by an egotistical electronic musician who can’t accept that their music is tosh and are misguided enough to continue under the premise of “occasional good bits”.

Still if Lisa Gerrard like his music who am I to judge?


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Dark Side of the Moog III: Phantom Heart Brother – Pieter Namlook & Klaus Schulze [#335]

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.14.45Dear God. WTF is this album supposed to be? I guess at some point, someone nipped down to Hell with a sampling machine and a moog and gave the demons down there the job of creating the most painful music ever using the ambient sounds of tortured souls and what’s left of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

This is the album that they produced.

I made similar music when I was 4 making weird noises into a plastic pipe.


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