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Dreamfish – Peter Namlook & Mixmaster Morris [#394]

Unknown-1Peter Namlook has appeared on the Music Project before. You might recall how I wrote about how basic and hellish his work sounded. Well, Dreamfish is no exception. Even with the assistance of a chap called Mixmaster Morris.

Anyone that calls themselves “Mixmaster” is obviously overconfident in their abilities. It’s like if I went round Banbury or Daventry calling myself Blogmaster Gnomepants or Spreadsheetwizard Stegzy; I’d end up facing ridicule, embarrassment and probably have to hide myself away. It’s clear here that what ever “mixing” Mr Morris does, it’s probably with the bag of cement that went to make the recording studio’s floor.

For the purpose of the music project I subjected myself to the full album. By the end of track 2 I was hoping that my iMac would stop working so I had an excuse not to continue listening to the dirge. Well actually, that’s a little unfair because out of the whole album it was track 2 that blended naturally into the ambience of the game of Elite: Dangerous I was playing at the time.

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Dark Side of the Moog III: Phantom Heart Brother – Pieter Namlook & Klaus Schulze [#335]

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.14.45Dear God. WTF is this album supposed to be? I guess at some point, someone nipped down to Hell with a sampling machine and a moog and gave the demons down there the job of creating the most painful music ever using the ambient sounds of tortured souls and what’s left of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

This is the album that they produced.

I made similar music when I was 4 making weird noises into a plastic pipe.


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