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Club for Heroes – Various Artists [#283]

on March 30, 2015

R-354603-1236507814Club for Heroes – Various Artists

Back in the early nineties, CD’s started to rise to prominence and with them came an increase in compilations. This is possibly the first compilation I bought rather than made myself using recordings from vinyl or cassette.

It was clear that home taping, much like downloading MP3s illegally, was harming the music industry. After all, who now remembers  the music industry? Tis but a distant memory that people will tell their grandchildren about with a look of dazed reflection before being sent to the old peoples home for clearly being mad.

Yet the music industry was waning, struggling with people creating home compilations to listen to on their in-car stereos. So along came the music publishers. Music publishers such as Telstar, Time Life and the like began leaping on the compilation CD bandwagon and issued regular compilations to an audience clearly rapidly too lazy to compile their own compilations.

This is one of those compilations. To be fair, it’s not a bad compilation especially for those uninitiated in the genre of New-Romance from the nineteen eighties. However there is a distinct lack of a few of the big names from the time and the genre, Depeche Mode and Human League to name but two. I guess that the reason why compilations occasionally omit obvious choices is probably down to licencing issues. Which is why, making your own compilations is always the better strategy to take.

1 Duran Duran Girls On Film 3:33
2 Spandau Ballet To Cut A Long Story Short 3:22
3 Visage Fade To Grey 3:50
4 ABC Poison Arrow 3:26
5 Soft Cell Tainted Love 2:44
6 Tubeway Army Are ‘Friends’ Electric? 5:20
7 Teardrop Explodes, The Reward 2:44
8 Yazoo Only You 3:11
9 Classix Nouveaux Is It A Dream 3:38
10 Ultravox Vienna 4:40
11 Blancmange Living On The Ceiling 4:02
12 Talk Talk Talk Talk 3:02
13 Japan I Second That Emotion 3:44
14 Thompson Twins In The Name Of Love 3:48
15 Icehouse Icehouse 4:10
16 Passions, The I’m In Love With A German Film Star 3:59
17 Landscape Einstein A Go-Go 3:01
18 Gary Numan Cars 3:34


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