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Greatest Lovesongs, Vol.666 – HIM [#558]

on May 9, 2016

In my opinion, HIM was borne on the back of the mid ninetiesHIM-GreatestLovesongsVol666 semi-successes of corporate-goth bands like Evanescence. Unremarkable, goth themed performers singing grungy devil worship innuendo laden lyrics while also providing music for the occasional occult themed movie soundtrack.

I was told I wouldn’t like HIM.

They were right. I don’t. HIM are too similar in sound to the likes of Scream Silence and Rasmus and then the whole chicken/egg thing starts in my mind.

I keep this album purely to be reminded that someone murdered Chris Isaak‘s Wicked Game and Blue Oyster Cults Don’t Fear the Reaper and that I’m glad I didn’t pay for album.


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