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Dream of the Wizard – Various Artists [#390]

imagesSometimes the album title makes the acquisition seem like a good idea.

This is case in point to not judge an album by its cover. It’s truly awful nonsense featuring the “best” of Scandinavia and Europe’s Operatic Metal scene.

Appearing here are Trail of Tears, Evanescence, Avantasia, Leaves’ Eyes, Sirenia and Lacuna Coil. Also joining the cacophony we are subjected to Persephone, After Forever, Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy  and a number of other bands before being treated to some Nightwish with their Dark Chest of Wonder.

The band list alone makes it sound like an ideal compilation except for the fact there is no cohesion to the compilation (This is an unofficial compilation anyway so it is more than likely fan generated) and because of that it suffers becoming dirge.

Shame really.


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Donnie Darko – OST [#384]

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 14.28.54I missed Donnie Darko on the cinema. First time I knew of its existence was when I saw it on the shelf in the Rialto News video library on Upper Parliament Street looking unloved.

Watching the film had me transfixed in a way a film hadn’t had me transfixed since Lost Highway. Here was a film that was so intricate that one viewing would not suffice. Several viewings would be needed and so, as it should be, I nipped into HMV and treated myself to a copy of the film on DVD. I went round telling people that this film was one they should watch and digest, a suggestion that was met with the usual dismissive shrug.

Since then, the film had an almost viral spread. Months would pass and the people I suggested the film to would say to me “Hey, have you ever seen Donnie Darko?” excited by the prospect that they may have seen something enlightening that would appeal to me before me. Then people started talking about it in the mainstream press, on the mainstream television, even a song from the soundtrack, the Michael Andrews version of Tears for Fears’ Mad World reached number 1 in the UK.

The film, previously a slightly unknown cult movie, was rereleased to capitalise on its growing success with a Director’s cut. Unfortunately, the directors cut didn’t add anything to the original apart from time. In fact it watered the content down if anything. Made it easier to digest and over explained bits that didn’t need explaining. Then there was the sequel,  S.Darko but we don’t talk about that. In fact, let’s not even admit to it existing…

Still, like all good capitalists the owners of the film rights released an extended version of the soundtrack too and today’s album is that very same. The soundtrack features a number of popular contemporary songs from the time in which the film is set interwoven with nice hauntological piano led intermissions. The original soundtrack release featured less of the plinky plonky and focussed more on the atmospherics and contemporary sounds than this version. Still good though.


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Dirty Dancing – OST [#372]


Hello again. It’s Steelrattus here with the first of seven consecutive guest posts. This time around I am helping Stegzy out for a whole week, so I have essentially got whatever seven albums are scheduled for this week. So this is why I’m utterly blameless for the first of these posts.

The Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I’m not sure I have ever seen the film. In fact my only real memory of the film is my sister being a huge fan back when it must have been at the cinema in 1987, and subsequently home cinema. But in the interests of… science (and blogging) I have forced myself to listen to the soundtrack. For review purposes I appear to have the 20th Anniversary Edition of the soundtrack, which is twenty seven tracks versus the 1987 original edition’s twelve, to add insult to injury. So the beers that Stegzy owes me have just increased I feel. By an order of magnitude.

The soundtrack itself appears to be a mix of 1950/60s rock and roll, reflecting the 60s setting of the film, and 80s power ballads. I don’t mind the 1950/60s tracks so much, but the 80s stuff doesn’t do so much for me. Listening to the album it all tends to bleed together. And that’s about all I’ve got to say about the music.

For fact fans, apparently the original 1987 soundtrack was a huge success, sold 32 million copies worldwide, and is one of the best-selling albums of all time, proving there is no God. Apparently it spent 18 weeks at number one in the US Billboard chart. Its performance spawned a follow-up called More Dirty Dancing in 1988. Ultimate Dirty Dancing was released in and contains every song in the order played in the film (great for OCD nuts like me… well it would be if I would ever listen to it. Which I won’t. Ever). It transpires that the version I’ve listened to, the 20th Anniversary Edition (unsurprisingly released in 2007), contains remastered and additional tracks in a different order. *shrugs*

Anywhere, here’s the obligatory YouTube video, of what is presumably the most popular track.

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De Afrekening Vols 4 & 5 – Various Artists [#346]

During the height of the download free for all, I was taken by the idea that my musical tastes were fairly limited. I was also struck by the idea that the majority of introductions to new music used to come from cassette compilations made by friends or those cassette compilations found discarded on the road, possibly by car thieves.

So I took the initiative to download compilations created professionally or by fans. De Afrekening is one such professionally produced compilation founded from a Belgian radio and record chart broadcasting program featured on Studio Brussel. There were many De Afrekening compilations available at the time and I recall downloading many. However, it now appears that I only have the two remaining ones.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 07.05.23Volume 4 contains the following:

Liberty Song  – Levellers
Nearly Lost You – Screaming Trees
Rockin’ the Res – John Trudell
Rosie – Claw Boys Claw
In Liverpool – Suzanne Vega
Changes – Sugar
Stockholm – New Fast Automatic Daffodils
Suspicious Minds – Dwight Yoakam
A Letter to Elise – The Cure
Cold by the Sea – Betty Goes Green
Sting Me – The Black Crowes
This Is Not a Song – The Frank & Walters
Dit is mijn huis – De Mens
Goodbye – The Sundays
Soap Bubble Box – Nits
I Had a Dream, Joe –  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Generations – Inspiral Carpets
Als de rook om je hoofd is verdwenen – Tröckener Kecks


No songs that really grab me on this selection, lots of indie Madchester rubbish and it’s nice to see Susanne Vega there but I’m not all that enamoured with this compilation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 07.05.12For Volume 5:

Two Princes – Spin Doctors
You Suck – Consolidated
Creep – Radiohead
Would? – Alice in Chains
Courage – The Tragically Hip
Feed the Tree – Belly
Cats in the Cradle – Ugly Kid Joe
Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine
If I Can’t Change Your Mind – Sugar
Why Should We Wait? – Soapstone Mountain
I Feel You – Depeche Mode
Sugar Kane – Sonic Youth
The Ballad of Lea and Paul – K’s Choice
Your Town – Deacon Blue
Somebody to Shove – Soul Asylum
Can’t Call Me Yours – The Scabs
Little Baby Nothing – Manic Street Preachers
Underwhelmed – Sloan

This volume contains a few good tracks, notably including Belly and Depeche Mode. Some other classics including Ugly Kid Joe, which always reminds me of 1993 and Spin Doctors, who feature later in the music project, also feature on the compilation.

While the idea of discovering new music through compilations was good, using the De Afrekening compilations as a method to achieve this was probably not a good idea.


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Cruel Intentions – Original Soundtrack [#329]

Cruel_Intentions_SoundtrackA film about two well to do toffs, the kind of people that need a good old balaclava wearing slap in the woods, doing bad things to people lower down the socialite spectrum at their school.  Only one of the toffs falls for the lower down socialite and ends up in a pickle.

Serves him right.

Soundtrack is good though. Oh and theres a bit where Sarah Michelle Gellar snogs Selma Blair. But that’s not on the sound track. Instead there are treats from 90s bands like Blur, Aimee Mann and, of course, The Verve.

I liked the film so I downloaded the soundtrack as is my way. Like film = get soundtrack, as you will see through the progress of this music project.

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The Crow – Original Soundtrack [#328]

The_Crow_soundtrack_album_coverI didn’t want to be seen as a scenester or hipster. I didn’t want to be seen as a trend seeker. So I came to the whole thing late. The Crow was always a film I liked though.

It tied in the mid nineties comic book superhero film gold rush which saw films featuring forgotten heroes such as Swamp Thing, Darkman and The Phantom being pushed out on meagre budgets and crappy scripts. But amidst the deluge The Crow took centre stage, mostly due to the tragic loss of the lead actor, the rumours of conspiracy, curses and such like. The dark, brooding pre-emo atmosphere making floppy goth vogue long before sparkly vampires.

The soundtrack featured a number of bands from the perimeters of good taste. The Cure – Because you know, it’s goth.  Pantera, for the angry shouting. Nine Inch Nails because it’s the nineties and they’re in every sound track from Toy Story  to Big Breasted BiBabes from Baltimore. They’re all there. But for me, it was the song It Can’t Rain All the Time performed by Jane Siberry that made the whole soundtrack endurable. That and the realisation, the entire soundtrack wasn’t really goth.

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The Commitments: Original Soundtrack [#293]

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 14.38.02 I inherited this album from Jamie.

I’ve never seen the film, nor does it interest me in ever seeing it. I’m sure it’s a good film but it’s not one that appeals to me.

The soundtrack is a compilation of soul classics, none of which appeal to me.

Why I still have it in my collection is beyond me.

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Cocktail from Lebanon – Various Artists [#284]

Cocktail from lebanonCocktail from Lebanon – Various Artists 

Now I’m not entirely sure that this is the name of this album. Nor am I entirely sure that the artists named are actually the artists. See, the thing is, I downloaded this album when I was looking for some Azar Habib and all the files were tagged in Arabic letters.

Back in the early noughties I discovered Flash Animutation. This was a phenomena that took the underground of the web by storm. It was long before the appearance of Facebook and Twitter and when the internet was a fun place to be rather than a chore.  Animutation is where clip art was mashed and animated by artists using Macromedia Flash, often to music and nearly always to foreign music.

One such animutation film, often touted as one of the first, was Hatten ar Din. The song, originally performed by Azar Habib, had been retranslated from Lebanese to Swedish to English and animated accordingly. The results are amusing.

At the time I was going through a Middle Eastern phase. I saw the possibility of the West embracing and absorbing Middle Eastern culture peacefully into its own. Of course, that never happened but I enjoyed eating kebabs, listening to Middle Eastern music and visiting Lebanese restaurants. This is why I have a Lebanese album in my collection.

Lebanese music is different to Western music on many levels. While some sects of Islam forbid music especially instrumental music (which is seen as Haram) there exists a rich tapestry of musical tradition from the regions where Islamic tradition is not as strict. Persian, Jewish, Lebanese and Arabic music is quite relaxing while also exciting and captivating.   This album provides a good snapshot of traditional music from the region.

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Club for Heroes – Various Artists [#283]

R-354603-1236507814Club for Heroes – Various Artists

Back in the early nineties, CD’s started to rise to prominence and with them came an increase in compilations. This is possibly the first compilation I bought rather than made myself using recordings from vinyl or cassette.

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Classical Chillout – Various Artists [#278]

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 08.20.08Classical Chillout – Various Artists

And so I am now near the end of the week of compilations. Sometimes you get a week with a nice mix of artists, other times you get a week of crap. Sorry. That’s just the way it goes.

Today we have Classical Chillout. It seems that in the late nineties/early noughties there was a massive demand for Chillout. No idea why. It wasn’t exactly a stressful time. I guess it was just people liked to chillout. Possibly with drugs. Maybe with a bath. Whatever floats your boat.

Baths usually.

Anyway, today is Classical Chillout. A nice mix of classical music and modern chillout, which, if anything, I approve of, purely for the inclusion of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus and Fauré’s In Paradisum and Cantique de Jean Racine. Which is why it is in my collection; I was looking for songs I used to sing when I was in Bishop Eton church choir.

– Barber* Adagio For Strings 9:31
Satie* Gymnopédie No. 1 3:12
Jenkins* Adiemus 3:57
Sakamoto* Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence 4:46
Puccini* O Mio Babbino Caro 2:03
Albinoni* Adagio 5:48
Beethoven* Figlio Perduto 4:37
Pärt* Spiegel Im Spiegel 4:00
Delibes* Flower Duet (Lakmé) 3:26
Nyman* The Heart Asks Pleasure First / The Promise 3:11
Fauré* Cantique De Jean Racine 5:44
Ungar* & Mason* The Ashokan Farewell 5:06
Debussy* Clair De Lune 4:54
Allegri* Misere Mei, Deus (vv 1-4, 17-20) 5:44
Horner* My Heart Will Go On 4:19
Jeffes* Perpetuum Mobile 4:28
J. S. Bach* Concerto For Violin & Oboe In D Minor (BWV 1060 – II: Adagio) 5:52
Górecki* Symphony No. 3 ‘Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs’ (II: Lento E Largo – Tanquillissimo) (extract) 4:27
Vaughan Williams* The Lark Ascending (Opening) 6:21
Satie* Gnossienne No. 1 3:23
Reich* Nagoya Marimbas 4:51
Bruch* Violin Concerto No. 1 In G Minor (Op. 26 II: Adagio) (Opening) 4:21
Tavener* Song For Athene 6:08
Morricone* Gabriel’s Oboe 2:11
Armstrong* / Del Naja* / Vowles* / Marshall* Weather Storm 6:02
Morricone* Chi Mai 5:04
Fauré* In Paradisum 3:25
Catalani* Ebben? Ne Andrò Lontana (La Wally) 4:49
Vivaldi* Winter (The Four Seasons – II: Largo) 2:29
J. S. Bach* Piano Concerto No. 5 In F Minor (BWV 1056 – II: Largo) 3:24
Mozart* Ave Verum Corpus 3:22

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Classic rock: 1986 – Various Artists [#277]

R-4900619-1378895322-4895.jpegClassic rock: 1986 – Various Artists

The last in the Time Life trilogy. 1986, that year renown for hair, rock, drugs, more hair, more stadia and yet more hair. With a bit of rock.

But lo! See the track list. Yet again our compiler has been at the stig bin in the bargain section of Woolworths once more and has managed to surpass the previous compilations with another atrocious selection.

1-1 Georgia Satellites, The Battleship Chains
1-2 Meat Loaf And John Parr Rock ‘N’ Roll Mercenaries
1-3 ZZ Top Velcro Fly
1-4 Big Country Look Away
1-5 Europe (2) Rock The Night
1-6 Cinderella (3) Night Songs
1-7 Billy Idol To Be A Lover
1-8 Pretenders, The Don’t Get Me Wrong
1-9 Robert Palmer I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
1-10 Ultravox All Fall Down
1-11 Kate Bush Hounds Of Love
1-12 Mr. Mister Broken Wings
1-13 Talking Heads And She Was
1-14 Steve Winwood Higher Love
1-15 Eurythmics When Tomorrow Comes
2-1 Daryl Hall Dreamtime
2-2 Psychedelic Furs, The Pretty In Pink (Film Version)
2-3 Tina Turner Typical Male
2-4 Peter Cetera Glory Of Love
2-5 David Lee Roth Yankee Rose
2-6 Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Tuff Enuff
2-7 Robert Cray Band, The Smoking Gun
2-8 Stevie Ray Vaughan Superstition – Live
2-9 Alice Cooper (2) He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
2-10 Great White Shot In The Dark
2-11 Poison (3) Talk Dirty To Me
2-12 W.A.S.P. Wild Child
2-13 Y&T* All American Boy
2-14 Status Quo In The Army Now
2-15 Julian Cope World Shut Your Mouth

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Classic rock: 1985 – 1989 – Various Artists [#277]

Classic rock: 1985 – 1989 – Various Artists

Oh dear. It seems yesterday’s album featured some memorable songs. Today’s contains a similar selection of non-hits by bands you’ve heard of occasionally. Again, during the period 1985-1989 there were some really good songs and yet, once again, the compiler has managed to forage completely dull, non-entity tracks from their record collection. It kind of makes me think that the compiler worked in an all night garage.

With Talk Radio on.


01. Georgia Satellites – Open All Night
02. Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel
03. David Lee Roth – Tobacco Road
04. Jethro Tull – Farm On The Freeway
05. Robert Cray – Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
06. Status Quo – Burning Bridges
07. Bad Company – No Smoke Without Fire
08. Little Feat – Hate To Lose Your Lovin’
09. George Thorogood – You Talk Too Much
10. Doobie Brothers – Need A Little Taste Of Love
11. Hooters – Johnny B.
12. Steve Winwood – Split Decision
13. Fabulous Thunderbirds – Wrap It Up
14. ZZ Top – Sleeping Bag
15. Great White – Rock Me


01. Poison – Nothing But A Good Time
02. Billy Idol – Don’t Need A Gun
03. Pat Benatar – Sex As A Weapon
04. Foreigner – Say You Will
05. White Lion – When The Children Cry
06. Marillion – Incommunicado
07. Electric Light Orchestra – Calling America
08. The Stranglers – Always The Sun
09. Big Country – The Teacher
10. Europe – Superstitious
11. Pretenders – My Baby12. Lou Gramm – Just Between You And Me
13. Huey Lewis & The News – Hip To Be Square
14. Deacon Blue – Fergus Sings The Blues
15. Cinderella – Don’t Know What You’ve Got (’til It’s Gone)

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Classic rock: 1984-1985 – Various Artists [#277]

Classic rock: 1984-1985 - Various ArtistsClassic rock: 1984-1985 – Various Artists

The next three entries follow a similar pattern. That’s because the next three entries are very similar compilations. I could spare you the time but I’m cruel like that and I put the effort in to listen to these albums so it’s only fair.

The first in our trilogy of Classic Rock:198x – Time Life compilations is for the range 1984-1985, a glorious period in music, rich in a variety of hair, guitars and stadia. So it’s curious as to why the compiler chose the songs they did. I suspect that the compiler for Classic Rock: Symphonic Rock, which is also a Time Life compilation, worked on the same project.

Seriously that guy needs to broaden his music tastes.

1-1 Billy Idol Rebel Yell
1-2 ZZ Top Legs
1-3 David Lee Roth California Girls
1-4 Huey Lewis & The News The Power Of Love
1-5 Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield
1-6 Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain Again
1-7 Waterboys Whole Of The Moon
1-8 Kate Bush Running Up The Hill
1-9 Jon & Vangelis State Of Independence
1-10 Marillion Kayleigh
1-11 John Waite Missing You
1-12 Rick Springfield Jessie’s Girl
1-13 Glenn Frey The Heat Is On
1-14 Starship We Built This City
1-15 Tears For Fears Shout
2-1 Meat Loaf Modern Girl
2-2 Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero
2-3 Talking Heads Road To Nowhere
2-4 Talk Talk It’s My Life
2-5 Dio (2) Rock ‘N’ Roll Children
2-6 Deep Purple Perfect Strangers
2-7 George Thorogood & The Destroyers Willie & The Hand Jive
2-8 Los Lobos Don’t Worry Baby
2-9 Bette Midler Beast Of Burden
2-10 Nils Lofgren Secrets In The Street
2-11 Cars* Drive
2-12 Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is
2-13 REO Speedwagon Can’t Fight This Feeling
2-14 Chris Rea Stainsby Girls
2-15 Far Corporation Stairway To Heaven

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Classic Rock: Symphonic Rock – Various Artists [#276]

Classic Rock: Symphonic RockClassic Rock: Symphonic Rock – Various Artists

This is another compilation where the core idea works but the choices of tracks don’t.

Curiously, it appears that 70% of the artists featured on the album have previously featured on this project, so if you’ve missed those entries you’ll find that the links take you to those articles.

Anyway, Classic Rock: Symphonic Rock has a relatively good mix of tunes really but not ones I’d have chosen to highlight how rock can be symphonic. It’s a little too…. “twee”…for my liking. There are far better bands that could have featured on this compilation. There’s no Queensryche. No Meatloaf. The Yes option is pretty much mundane and the inclusion of Clannad, of all bands, confuses me no end. Clannad are not what I’d call rock for a start.


1-01 Vangelis Pulsar
1-02 Sky Toccata
1-03 Hawkwind Urban Guerilla
1-04 Focus P’s March
1-05 Electra Scheidungstag
1-06 Gentle Giant The Advent Of Panurge
1-07 Triumvirat A Day In The Life
1-08 Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Brother Of Mine
1-09 Roger Waters The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
1-10 Procol Harum A Salty Dog
1-11 Mike Batt Losing Your Way In The Rain
1-12 Clannad Sirius
1-13 Jon Lord Aria
1-14 Barclay James Harvest Child Of The Universe
1-15 Jon & Vangelis So Long Ago, So Clear
2-01 Mike Oldfield Sentinel
2-02 Moody Blues* The Story In Your Eyes
2-03 Rick Wakeman Catherine Howard
2-04 Electric Light Orchestra Standin’ In The Rain
2-05 Alan Parsons Project, The Damned If I Do
2-06 Herd From The Underworld
2-07 Jethro Tull Aqualung
2-08 Gong Ard Na Greine
2-09 Vanilla Fudge You Keep Me Hanging On
2-10 Ekseption 5th Of Beethoven
2-11 Aphrodite’s Child It’s Five O’Clock
2-12 Strawbs Autumn
2-13 Camel Tell Me
2-14 Genesis The Silent Sun
2-15 Yes Heart Of The Sunrise

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Cigarettes and Alcohol: Volume 2 – Various Artists (#274)

Cigarettes and alcoholCigarettes and Alcohol: Volume 2  – Various Artists

Compilations like this give compilations like this a bad name.

Think of a barrel. Imagine the bottom of the barrel. Scrape the barrel. Mentally dig right through the wood at the bottom of the barrel with your bare hands. Imagine the sound of your nails splintering through the wood. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Chillout Room Volume 2 – Various Artists (#265)

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 16.42.29The Chillout Room Volume 2 – Various Artists

Enough people must have bought The Chillout Room to warrant a second volume of chill out choons and chonging. Perhaps it’s the way that chill-out is synonymous, to me, with mental images of my contemporaries jetting off to Ibiza to get wasted in horrific nightclubs and catching some sort of STD from I think her name might have been Sharon.

Of course that is not to say I don’t like the genre. I do, it’s just that it’s tainted by the reminder that there were more confident people who were my age that went on holiday abroad in their early twenties while I ended up going camping in Wales if I was lucky.

This compilation has artists like Smoke City, Groove Armada, Talvin Singh and Moby. The usual “missed the Chillout boat” artists are there but most of the songs are forgettable. But then maybe that’s the idea…..

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Castlefest 2011 – Various Artists [#252]

CastlefestCastlefest 2011 – Various Artists

If you didn’t already know, Castlefest is a mediaeval fantasy festival held annually in the Netherlands. I’ve wanted to go for years. We don’t have stuff like Castlefest in the UK., though I suppose the closest thing to Castlefest in the UK is Fellfoot Woods which I’d also like to go to one day. However, I’m now getting old and festivals equate to the darkest recesses of horror. It’s also in the Netherlands and that’s miles away. So it’s very unlikely that it will become a reality.

A number of artists appearing in this music project have also appeared at Castlefest; Sieben, Faun, Omnia to name but a few. This album is a selection of songs from the line up at the 2011 Castlefest including:

Song title:
Free Omnia
Fjarilar Leaf
We Wait For Them Sieben
Oberon Und Titania Omdulo
Jan Mijne Man Nuraghi
Los Ojos de la Mora Irfan
Linaun Dance Iliana
Jigtime Kelten Zonder Grenzen
De Mundi Statu Corvus Corax
Judged By Euzen
Hymn to Pan Faun
Roots Aero Fragment
Grone Lunden Omnia Poetree
Sjon Valravn
Horizon Vic Anselmo
Berliner Pflanze Berlinskibeat

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Capital Gold: Legends (Volume 1) – Various Artists [#244]

Capital Gold LegendsCapital Gold: Legends (Volume 1) – Various Artists

Seems like there was a time when all that was available was compilations. Compilations compiled by this person, compilations compiled by that person. In this case, the compilation has been compiled by Capital Gold radio. These are legendary songs.

Although I wouldn’t really call any of them “legendary”. They’re pretty much run of the mill and there are many more superior tracks available from the artists that appear on the track listing. Still, it’s ok if you’re having a light soiree at home or entertaining people in their 60s.

Another one for the recycling bin. Available in stig bins everywhere.


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Call on the Dark – Various Artists (#238)

NB_0233_1167839428_largeCall on the Dark – Various Artists

I think it’s probably best that I warn you in advance. When I get to “G” there will be a whole load of compilation albums similar to this resulting from my search into gothic music. If you read regularly you’ll already know of that search.

Call on the Dark is a compilation album. No idea where I got it from but it’s more than likely I downloaded it because it has a track by Fields of the Nephilim. Anyway, the compilation consists of the following:

  • Annwyn, Beneath the Waves – Faith and the Muse
  • Flash in My Veins – Silke Bischoff
  • Dawnland – Love Like Blood
  • Demon – London After Midnight
  • Kick It – Nitzer Ebb
  • Bin Ich Es Denn – Das Ich
  • Dawnrazor – Fields of the Nephilim
  • Dreamland – Girls Under Glass
  • Chains – Dreadful Shadows
  • If Only – Born for Bliss
  • Disorder – Shock Therapy
  • Godsent – Dreamside
  • Kleine Schwester – Umbra et Imago
  • Precious Limetree – Darc Entries
  • To a Loyal Friend – Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows

Nephilim aside, there’s nothing much to like about this compilation. I suppose I keep these kind of things just incase I find something I like but 8 years on, I still haven’t.

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Buddha Bar III by Ravin – Various Artists (#230)

Buddha Bar IIIBuddha Bar III by Ravin

Music to eat kebabs to.

Imagine being all postmillennial and second wave world music was doing the rounds. Imagine a time where you are embracing different cultures in a pre-911 world; searching out the next new sound from our global library.

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British Music Hall Memories – Various Artists (#224)

61ZbqguhRwLBritish Music Hall Memories – Various Artists

People say that pop stars today have no regard for decency or the effect they’ll have on the youth. Similarly, people say that music these days is a load of shite. The same people say that songs today have too many sexual connotations and nothing in the way of political vitriol or appeasement of folk culture.

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Big Lebowski (Original Soundtrack) – Various Artists [#187]

Big Lebowski (Original Soundtrack) - Various ArtistsBig Lebowski (Original Soundtrack) – Various Artists

The Big Lebowski is a film dear to me. If you’ve never seen it, it tells the story of a relaxed gentleman who has a problem with a rug that really sets off his room.

The stunning visuals and gripping script is only enhanced by the magic of the carefully put together soundtrack. Standing alone, the soundtrack is powerful in itself but you really need to see the film to feel how it is all significant.

The soundtrack features artists like Bob Dylan (meh), Captain Beefheart, Kenny Rogers and Gipsy Kings. If you’ve not seen the film, see it.

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The Best Prog Rock Album in the World…Ever – Various Artists (#176)

The Best Prog Rock Album in the World...Ever - Various Artists (#176)The Best Prog Rock Album in the World…Ever – Various Artists 

This is one of the last CDs I bought. A wicked compilation showcasing a massive range of prog bands covering Canterbury scene, Zappa and even the first sprouts of New Romanticism.

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#168 – The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection – Various Artists

The Best of James Bond
The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection Various Artists

Bit of a cop out this one. Not a single song is by James Bond. It’s all Shirley Bassey, Rita Coolidge and some bloke called John Barry.

Seriously though, this is a nice little pre-Brosnan snapshot of the best theme songs and tunes from the James Bond franchise. A popular quiz I used to run at school and in Birch House was a “Name the Artist” quiz based on the performers of these James Bond themes. Of course, since those days we’ve had a couple of new Bonds. Fortunately the horrid Madonna theme arrived too late for this celebratory compilation. But never the less, the songs on this album do still stir up memories of Bank Holiday Mondays, Christmases and Easters from my childhood. Mostly because there was nothing else on during those times.


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#163 – The Best of Depeche Mode Covers – Various Artists

StegzyThe Best of Depeche Mode Covers – Various Artists

And so we arrive at the first of many downloaded “amatuer compilations”. The Best of Depeche Mode Covers appeared on Usenet sometime in 2012 just toward the end of my access to fast broadband.

It appears that there are many cover versions of Depeche Mode songs. From Rammstein all the way through to Nina Hagen, the bands that have at some point been influenced by DM have paid tribute by recording a cover version.

This particular compilation is a fan based one and, and I’ve always wanted to say this,  is not available in the shops. However, I’ll pop the track list here so you can maybe try compiling it yourself.


1 Personal Jesus – Marilyn Manson
2 I Feel You – Placebo
3 Stripped – Rammstein
4 Enjoy the Silence – Tori Amos
5 Master and Servant – Nouvelle Vague
6 Shake The Disease – Hooverphonic
7 Dream On – Scala & Kolacny Brothers
8 I Just Cant Get Enough – Nouvelle Vague
9 Policy of Truth – Automob
10 Black Celebration – Galaxy Hunter
11 It’s No Good – Orphans Of Infamy
12 Behind the wheel – Topazz
13 It’s No Good – Saga Nordanstahl
14 Behind The Wheel – Pain
15  Shake the Disease – Odyssey
16 Personal Jesus – Nina Hagen
17 Freelove – Blank & Jones
18 Enjoy The Silence – Scala And Kolacny Brothers
19 See You – Flunk
20 Precious – Anam (Feat. Mary F)


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